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    February Program Recap: An Introduction to Capture Planning

    The February SMPS program was certainly eye-opening, informative and very enjoyable.

    As I pulled into the PNC arena parking lot, you would have thought the evening’s Celine Deon concert was already underway. It was the sizable crowd of more than 80 marketing professionals, architects, and engineers anxiously awaiting the expertise and experiences of today’s guest speaker.

    Visiting our local SMPS Research Triangle chapter from the sunshine state of Florida, Ms. Lindsay Diven, CPSM and Senior Consultant of Full Sail Partners shared her expertise on the beneficial practice of Capture Planning and how it can be essential to increasing your hit rate and winning more proposals. Ms. Diven skillfully validated her 15 years of experience in the A/E/C industry, focused on marketing strategy and management. Speaking confidently and fluidly, it was more than apparent that she was an expert in the field, she knew the business, and most importantly, she knew how to successfully implement business strategies.

    An audience content with lunch and sweets, Ms. Diven began, directing our attention to the visual presentation. She seamlessly transitioned through the presentation filled with icons, graphics, and topical information and spoke knowledgeably to each subject. Ms. Diven provided examples on various topics throughout her talk. The stillness across the room demonstrated the audience’s interest in Capture Planning and Ms. Diven’s approach to the subject.

    An informative and enlightening presentation, Ms. Diven illustrated why and how Capture Planning is an essential element to winning pursuits. Driving home the point that Capture Planning efforts routinely take place months before a Request for Proposal (RFP) is released, she pointedly explained that it serves in developing client-specific strategies to help foster relationships and create proposal win themes. Ms. Diven outlined the methodical process to truly understanding a potential client and their decision makers, recognizing their hot buttons, and identifying their potential projects. Equally as important, she relayed how to use this beneficial information to differentiate your firm from others and prepare winning proposals. Proof is in the pudding as they say, using examples and past experiences, Ms. Diven explained how efficient and effective Capture Planning can be. She noted that it often requires the collaboration of a full team of business development, marketing, and technical professionals.

    As a seasoned A/E/C marketer, I have attended countless marketing related seminars, programs, and conferences.  Sometimes speakers and their topics hit the mark. Occasionally they come up short. Heading back to the office with a little more purpose, I reflected on the many strategic and innovative tactics that Ms. Divens had just placed in my toolbox. As marketers, we all know you can never have too many tools. This Capture Planning program definitely hit the mark. 

    Jim Beers, CPSM
    RK&K, Senior Marketing Manager

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