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    November Program Recap: Creating Lean Marketing Plans and Budgets in the Face of COVID – What are the Essentials?

    Wow! What a dynamic and timely program. The great diversity among the speakers – ranging from small to large business backgrounds – gave us useful tips and suggestions for moving into 2021. The Fellows Forum consisted of moderator Marion Thatch, FSMPS, CPCC, of Distinction in Marketing; Bernice Rios Bako, FSMPS, of Turner Construction Company; Dana Galvin Lancour, FSPMS, CPSM of Barton Malow Holdings; and Paula Ryan, FSMPS, CPSM, of Schooley Caldwell. Guided by Thatch, the panelists shared with us a varied roadmap on how to navigate through the COVID environment as we prepared our marketing plans.

    We jumped right in with our panelists as they shared their guiding principles for lean marketing: investing only in what matters; pilot test first before launching out to others; and be quick to drop something that’s not working. Remember: marketing plan follows business plan, business plan follows strategic plan. What great advice we can put into practice right now and into the coming year!

    Each shared how the current marketing plans and budgets shifted with the onset of COVID. We were encouraged to revisit and revise those capture plans and how we engage with current clients while winning new ones. Each panelist gave us plenty of food for thought, including the idea of community visibility versus client visibility: how can we be more focused where our clients are? A huge thank you to Dana for sharing capture plan examples!

    These leaders encouraged each of us to become engaged in the process as our firms look to the coming year and what it brings. This is a good time to have the conversations about client base diversification, reallocating funds, and teaming up with other firms to maximize spending and research. All agreed that technology will continue to play a major role in the coming years. Challenge your teams to spend on technology that we can then translate for our clients.

    The panelists reminded us of the value of health checks – internally and externally. We received sage advice on how to maximize the time home, strengthen our teams – technical and business development – as we prepare to move forward. It is so important to stay engaged, even the more now, with your clients and team. Take advantage of the platforms that make this easy such as Waggle and Microsoft Flow.

    So, what are our next steps? Stay engaged and communicate with our teams. Ask the insightful questions and follow-up with “how can I support you to make that happen?”

    Wilma Joyner, Marketing Manager

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