Looking to get the most out of your membership while getting to know fellow SMPS members? Join a committee!

    SMPS Research Triangle is only successful through the efforts of our volunteers. Besides working with other members, you’ll have a chance to gain new skills and help our Chapter thrive. Find a committee that fits your interests!

    • Communications Committee: The Communications Committee assists the other committees in marketing communication and promotion, including announcements on monthly activities and events, email-blasts to all members and prospective members, website maintenance, and social media. The group develops creative content and key messaging and graphics for the programs and events throughout the calendar year. Please contact our Communications Committee at [email protected] if you are interested in joining the Communications Committee.


    • Education Committee: As part of its mission, SMPS is committed to offering professional development opportunities and educational resources as a benefit to its members. The Education Committee curates and develops all program topics and retains speaker(s) for the monthly and Coordinators’ Club programs. The Committee is responsible for providing resources for chapter members who are seeking to take the CPSM Exam and connecting members who wish to form a study group. Please contact our Education Committee at [email protected] if you are interested in joining the Education Committee or if you are interested in speaking at a program.


    • Events Committee: SMPS strives to create networking opportunities by connecting members to each other as well as trends and hot topics that will help them conduct marketing, research, and planning efforts for their firm. The Events Committee is responsible for collaborating with the Education Committee to plan programs that benefit the A/E/C industry and marketing/business development professionals. This includes managing all event logistics and arrangements to ensure each program runs smoothly from start to finish. The Events Committee also coordinates Chapter socials and special events to provide extra networking opportunities for members. Please contact our Events Committee at [email protected] if you are interested in joining the Events Committee.


    • Membership Committee: The Membership Committee encourages enrollment through supporting SMPS recruiting efforts, welcoming new members, and aiding with member retention. This committee is responsible for managing the hospitality table, the Members Connect program, membership drives, new member outreach efforts, and more. Membership provides opportunities for members to build relationships with peers and potential teaming partners through networking events, both engaging and encouraging potential and existing members. Please contact our Membership Committee at [email protected] if you are interested in joining the Membership Committee.

    If you aren’t sure which committee is a perfect fit for you, feel free to “micro-volunteer”! At all times, the Chapter could use extra hands as we work to deliver quality events and messaging. Please contact our Board President at [email protected]g if interested.


    Get involved! Join a committee to get more out of your SMPS membership and connect with your fellow members.