Member Testimonials

     SMPS Triangle introduced me to the CPSM certification. This has been a great tool to expand my skills and my professional network! I’ve also loved getting involved through the communications committee – such a great group of people!
      - Jessica Lambe, W.K. Dickson
    SMPS Provides me with a community outside of the office that helps me grow personnally and professionally! The people I've met and programs I've attended have been such useful resources when I need inspiration. 

         - Kelly Brown, Ramey Kemp & Associates


    Membership Benefits

    Networking Opportunities

    Make local, regional, and national A/E/C business contacts through SMPS to build your business. Networking suggestions:



    The foundation of our professional resources is MARKENDIUM, the SMPS Body of Knowledge. Through this knowledge base, you may read up on trends, best practices, and relevant issues impacting professional services marketing and business development. SMPS membership includes subscriptions to the award-winning journal Marketer and to Marketer QuickLook, our weekly e-newsletter; access to research and white papers funded by the SMPS Foundation; and discounts on industry publications from the SMPS.

    Marketing Resource Center

    Take networking to another level with MySMPS, the award-winning online community designed exclusively for SMPS members. The mission of MySMPS is simple: To connect you online 24/7/365 with people, information, and opportunities to make building business easier.

    CPSM Certification

    Earn professional credentials via the Certified Professional Services Marketer Program. In an industry that values certification, the CPSM program can help you build your personal brand as an expert in marketing and business development, increasing your credibility with employers, coworkers, and peers. Learn more about the local Triangle Chapter study group. 

    National Programs and Conferences

    Attend national and regional conferences and programs to explore how other professional services firms are tackling the business challenges you and your colleagues face every day. You will return to the office with innovative solutions and fresh ideas your company can put to work immediately.

    Leadership Opportunities

    Develop and practice your leadership skills by getting involved in SMPS: Volunteer to serve on chapter committees, your chapter’s board of directors, regional conference planning committees, and national task forces and committees.

    Career and Recruitment Resources

    Plan your career, gain access to advancement tools, and search for job opportunities through the local Triangle Chapter or National SMPS Career Center. If your firm is seeking candidates to fill an open position, you can post that position in the Career Center and review the job bank to identify marketers and business developers with experience in the A/E/C industry.

    National and Regional Contacts

    Contacts made through the powerful SMPS network to facilitate teaming opportunities, business referrals, and knowledge of A/E/C business practices, trends, and successes.

    Professional Development Opportunities

    Opportunities to present programs, write articles and white papers, and conduct funded research are available at the local, regional, and national levels of SMPS. Through involvement in SMPS, your employees can demonstrate the thought leadership and expertise your firm has to offer clients and teaming partners.

    A Community for Emerging Leaders

    SMPS offers the emerging leaders in your organization access to the greater A/E/C community, introducing them to community leaders, exposing them to big-picture perspectives, and fueling their passion for the industry and their professions—all elements in retaining the brightest and best talent for your company. The connections made in SMPS lead directly to business opportunities with clients and teaming partners.