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    Coordinators' Club - Having a Confident Presence for Networking: Virtual or In-Person

    October 07, 2020
    3:00 PM EDT - 4:00 PM EDT
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    Many of us have a sense that we should be networking more, or more effectively, than we currently are. It seems that the most successful people we know have succeeded not just because of what they knew, but also because of who they knew, or maybe more importantly, who knew them. 

    We understand that networking is important and valuable, but it’s easy to get stopped right out of the gate when we try. We get hung up around questions like:

    • How do you start a conversation with someone you don’t know?
    • How do you talk about yourself?
    • How is a networking conversation supposed to go, anyway?

    All of this uncertainty can add up to feelings of discomfort or awkwardness, leading to anxiety, which tends to get in the way of doing well and can keep us from even trying in the first place. 

    Confident Presence for Networking is a fun and interactive presentation where SagePresence will give us: 

    • A game-changing new understanding of what the challenge of networking is all about.
    • A whole new level of comfort and ability around networking.
    • An ability to lead productive networking conversations with anyone, anywhere.
    • Recommendations on how to maintain energy in the virtual space.
    • An understanding of the difference between virtual and in-person networking.

    From start to finish, this is a discussion designed to help us get clear on what we want when we network and what gets in our way. The session will quickly and efficiently take care of those barriers, replacing awkwardness with ease, uncertainty with clarity, and anxiety with excitement. 


    Dean Hyers
    Principal, SagePresence

    Dean Hyers is a speaker, trainer, and communication coach who specializes in helping business professionals project bold “stage presence” under pressure. Across many years as a filmmaker, Dean cultivated a unique expertise in storytelling and drawing out performances that emotionally connect to audiences. In 2001, Dean co-founded SagePresence, a boutique learning & development company dedicated to elevating communication competencies for professional organizations. In his role as a SagePresence Principal, Dean has helped thousands of clients generate confident and influential "stage presence" to win their audiences over; everywhere from the networking floor to the presenter's stage. Dean has helped countless professionals advance inside of their organizations and their careers and has assisted in organizations winning over $4 BILLION in new business.

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